Looking to sharpen you skills? The Tampa Bay Am Tour is Tampa Bay's first flexible and affordable amateur tour for golfers of all skill levels! The Tampa Bay Am Tour gives you the ability to exercise your competitive spirit by playing Head-to-Head against players with different abilities.

The Tampa Bay Am Tour offers men and women of all ages the opportunity to meet and compete against other golfers in their area. With flexible scheduling and the ability to choose which course to play, The Tampa Bay Am Tour caters to your busy schedule while offering more variety and competition than any other tour format.


All tournaments are stroke play, net competition within one of the two flights. The first flight will be for golfers with a handicap index of 13.9 or below.  The second flight will be for golfers with a handicap index of 14.0 and above.  The TBAT will be governed by the current Rules of Golf as approved by the United States Golf Association (USGA®), and modified by the Rules sheet prepared by the Tour Directors.  Any other types of formats, such as best ball or match ball, will also be governed in accordance with USGA® rules of golf. At every tournament, a Tour director will be on site to help handle the players’ questions, registration, check in, handle scoring and prize purse. A Tour director will also monitor the pace of play and make rulings. They may assess penalty strokes for rules infractions or slow play. All decisions made by the Tour directors shall be final.


For each tournament, a portion of each player’s entry fee is used to generate each flight’s prize purse. The value of the prize purse at each tournament will be established prior to the tournament and is based on participation. The prize purse may vary slightly the day of the tournament due to late entries or withdrawals. In order to adhere to the USGA® Rules of Amateur Status, no single prize awarded will exceed $750 in value. All prizes will be in the form of Cash or Gift Certificates/Cards.


1-6 players in a flight – 1st place only
7-10 players in a flight – 1st and 2nd
11-15 players in a flight – 1st, 2nd and 3rd
16 or more players in a flight – a minimum of 4 places will be paid


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