Membership to the Tampa Bay Am Tour is open to all amateur golfers. Upon registration an established, verifiable USGA handicap index is required. If a player does not have an established USGA handicap, Tampa Bay Am Tour will accept a player’s membership with five complete, verifiably signed and attested scorecards. These scores will be review by the local tour director and a tour handicap will be assigned. During the registration process, please provide complete and accurate membership applications. Each piece of data is not only required, but in the past Tampa Bay Am Tour demographic information has helped attain a variety of extra member benefits.
The Tour Index Policy is intended to group players into flights of comparable potential ability to promote fair competition within the flight. The Tampa Bay Am Tour index formula will mirror the published USGA handicap method. According to the USGA®: "The Handicap Index® formula is based on the best Handicap Differential(s) in a player's scoring record. If a player's scoring record contains 20 scores, the best 10 Handicap Differentials® of the most recent 20 scores are used to calculate the Handicap Index®. As the number of scores in the scoring record decreases, the percentage of scores used in a scoring record decreases from the maximum of the best 50 percent. If the scoring record contains 9 or 10 scores, only the best three scores (30 to 33 percent) in the scoring record will be used. Thus, the accuracy of a player's Handicap Index® is directly proportional to the number of acceptable scores posted. A Handicap Index® must not be issued to a player who has returned fewer than five acceptable scores.
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